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 A duck in the backyard

Mary found a female duck in the backyard after she got home from work today. It was obviously comfortable around humans. It took off a little later.

Was it Dorothy?

 Dorothy returns after a 6-week hiatus!

We haven’t seen Dorothy in quite a while. She would come often almost everyday. Dennis came too but not as often as Dorothy. Then she stopped. However, Dennis kept coming off and on for another three weeks. Most of the time Dennis would show up just an hour or two before dark. He would chow down, swim a little and then walk out to the front of the house to fly off.

It was two days ago when we saw Dorothy. Maybe it wil be another good while before we see her again.

 Into the night

Dennis and Dorothy showed up this evening around seven while we were out walking the dogs. After some hardy eating at the duck food bowl and lounging in and at the edge of the pond, they decided it was time to head back to the golf course. Notice the head bobs, particularly of Dennis who is in the lead. He turns around twice before taking off at about 8:25 pm. They round the curve low onto Newton Street.

The ducks are typically following this exit routine. We are a wee bit concerned that they fly awfully low as they begin their flight. What if a car is coming?

 The two together again

Last evening as we started out on our walk with the dogs, Mary noticed the ducks across the street in a backyard with a bunch of kids. I guess they landed there seeing some humans. When they spied us, they headed right toward us.  We explained about the ducks growing up at our house. I walked them across the street to our backyard. They left about an hour later.

 Dennis shows up alone

On rainy Friday, mid morning  Dennis arrived without Dorothy. This is unusual because if anyone  shows up alone or first it has always been Dorothy with Dennis often showing up later. When a duck does not shows up we often start worrying.

Dennis has lost a few feathers. When he flaps his wings there is a notch in his right wing close to his body. The missing are noticeably absent when the wings are closed. It was a rainy day. You can see all the drops on him in this photo.


Dennis left in the late afternoon.

 Occasional Days at the Spa

Lazy Days

The ducks come back, some times every day sometimes with a couple of days in between. They generally just lounge around. When hungry Dorothy will come by the door and quack for some feed. There’s still some of that $11, 50-lb bag of chicken crumbles left.


The ducks are often showing up later in the day, in the early evening. Just yesterday Mary was outside reading when there the ducks were at her feet. We suspect they landed in the front front and walked around to the back.

Water Antics

From when they were little the ducks occasionally have some definite fun playing in the water. The other day I finally caught the two chasing each other.


When it was getting late in the day, the ducklings would nibble on the ends of one’s pants. Dorothy still does.

Night  Flight

A little after 8:30 pm, the ducks take off. It is so dark that I have to use the nightshot feature on the video camera.  You know the ducks are about ready to take off when they do the head bob. Watch for it.

 Canine Interlude

The dogs asked for equal time. They made a long video.

 Dorothy, Dennis, and…


We suspected that the ducks were hanging out at the golf course when not at our place. We thought we’d see if we could find them. We started checking out the various ponds. The first few held no ducks. As we moved deeper into the course, we came a upon a rather large team of ducks. Were ours among them?

C marks the spot where the ducks were hanging out.


Do you see Emerson Street, the one that arcs and points to the hangout? That was the street the ducks were flying up when I came across them  while skating. They were heading straight for that pond.

 Bogeys at Twelve O’clock

I was out skating just finishing up my usual six miles. As I turned onto a street going down a slight hill, two ducks flying beneath the tree line flew over heading toward the golf course. Were they Dennis and Dorothy?  I yelled  “hey guys” —  my usual greeting to them. I turned my head to see them banking at the intersection I had just turned from but lost sight of them.  I skated back up  but could not find them. I returned to my skate. It was a short ways down this little hill to my street. Right after I turned the ducks flew down across my path and landed on the sidewalk.  They did not seem to want to follow me right then. I went home, took off my skates, and went back for the ducks. They were not there. About 15 minutes later, there they were in the back yard.

 Another three days

A Return

In the mid afternoon, there was Dorothy some four days after her release.  From her quiet chirping, it was clear she was happy to see a human she knew. About an hour later Dennis was there too. It was nice to know they were well.

Bye again.

They spent the night here. On the following evening, they flew off.