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Archive for July, 2009

 Catch’n Drops

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 Five and a half weeks.

Just a few days later, look at how much the ends of the flight feathers are now exposed.

Look here. A hint of color:

 5 Weeks

The ducks continue to grow. Any down feathers are hard to find.

Those blue sheaths that guide and protect the growth are still large. Just the tips of their flight feathers are beginning to show as Dorothy flaps her wings after exiting the pond.

The ducks constantly nibble the ends the of the sheaths.
This is what they [...]

 Four Weeks

Less and Less Down
Their feathers continue to grow at a fast pace. At three weeks their tails looked scrawny. Look now.

Their backs still have some down, but the feathers are filling in.

The flight feathers are just starting to peak in:

Eat your veggies
The duckling like a lot of salad greens.  They love romaine lettuce,  red or [...]

 Murder on Beechmont

The ducks have been kept in a 4 x 6-ft cage built with 1×1s, luan plywood, and scrap wood with a small shelter inside. The chicken wire was run even on the bottom of the crate. During the night of July 4 two of the ducklings were killed. One was tight against the chicken wire [...]

 Eating habits

Drill Baby Drill
The ducks still like to work for what’s under the leaves. They are now working the lawn more than not.
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Weather for Ducks
They were hanging out [...]

 Snuggle Buddies

Flower Pot Tray Bed
They started to huddle together in this tray which was used to put worms in for them to pick out. There was room only for four.

However, they could all get into the larger pan.

One morning it was cold.

Truth be told, it has been cold many mornings in a row. Near record late [...]

 Three Weeks and Counting

Growing Up
The ducklings continue to look bigger every day, particularly noticeable in the morning.
Down with Down
The ducklings are beginning to lose their down as feathers begin to grow. When one picks up one, the barbs of feathers hidden in the down can be felt.
Look at the beginnings of tail feathers. They look kind of funny. [...]

 Psych Ward

Birds that leave the nest shortly after hatching are known to imprint on their parents or other objects. (See: Wikipedia Entry) Our ducks have imprinted on humans although it is hard to say if they have any particular human they prefer. They were handled by many different people shortly after hatching.
They do not strictly follow [...]