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Archive for August, 2009

 Into the night

Dennis and Dorothy showed up this evening around seven while we were out walking the dogs. After some hardy eating at the duck food bowl and lounging in and at the edge of the pond, they decided it was time to head back to the golf course. Notice the head bobs, particularly of Dennis who [...]

 The two together again

Last evening as we started out on our walk with the dogs, Mary noticed the ducks across the street in a backyard with a bunch of kids. I guess they landed there seeing some humans. When they spied us, they headed right toward us.  We explained about the ducks growing up at our house. I [...]

 Dennis shows up alone

On rainy Friday, mid morning  Dennis arrived without Dorothy. This is unusual because if anyone  shows up alone or first it has always been Dorothy with Dennis often showing up later. When a duck does not shows up we often start worrying.
Dennis has lost a few feathers. When he flaps his wings there is a [...]

 Occasional Days at the Spa

Lazy Days

The ducks come back, some times every day sometimes with a couple of days in between. They generally just lounge around. When hungry Dorothy will come by the door and quack for some feed. There’s still some of that $11, 50-lb bag of chicken crumbles left.

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 Canine Interlude

The dogs asked for equal time. They made a long video.
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 Dorothy, Dennis, and…

We suspected that the ducks were hanging out at the golf course when not at our place. We thought we’d see if we could find them. We started checking out the various ponds. The first few held no ducks. As we moved deeper into the course, we came a upon a rather large team of ducks. Were [...]

 Bogeys at Twelve O’clock

I was out skating just finishing up my usual six miles. As I turned onto a street going down a slight hill, two ducks flying beneath the tree line flew over heading toward the golf course. Were they Dennis and Dorothy?  I yelled  “hey guys” —  my usual greeting to them. I turned my head [...]

 Another three days

A Return
In the mid afternoon, there was Dorothy some four days after her release.  From her quiet chirping, it was clear she was happy to see a human she knew. About an hour later Dennis was there too. It was nice to know they were well.
Bye again.
They spent the night here. On the following evening, [...]

 A day later

Saturday  was hard steady rain. We went down to the golf course and the release pond. The ducks were not there except for a few feathers. We walked deeper into the course where we spied five ducks at another pond. Two flew off right away as we began to approach.  Shortly thereafter a third one [...]

 Letting Go

It’s been two months since they hatched. With the ducks now clearly able to fly, we thought it best to bring them to some place where there was water and other water fowl. With the Dearborn Hills golf course right near by we thought it as good a place as any.  The evening of Friday, [...]