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 Letting Go

It’s been two months since they hatched. With the ducks now clearly able to fly, we thought it best to bring them to some place where there was water and other water fowl. With the Dearborn Hills golf course right near by we thought it as good a place as any.  The evening of Friday, August 7 we decided to bring them down to the golf course. We debated different ways to get them down to the course. We decided to hold them and just walk down to the spot. We put the two, Dorothy and the other one – now named Dennis in the crate as we prepped to go.

Here they are….their last crating….



Last minute return

Just as we were about to get in the crate and get a hold of them, a quack was heard somewhere nearby. Then another a quack and then another.  It definitely was not Dorothy or Dennis.  With the last quack, we located him or her in the yard just behind ours. I climbed over the fence, cornered him/her and placed duck #3  on our side of the fence. The ducks greeted each other although soon thereafter there was some squabbling.


On to the Golf Course

We grabbed the three. I had one under each arm. We marched quickly down to the course, about three blocks away.  Fortunately, the odd looks and laughter from neighbors was minimal.  Our route is marked in green.


We brought them to a pond that we were very familiar with.  This video starts immediately after we released them. There were a couple of other animals about them.

Surprisingly they did not seem to like the bigger water. They hung close to shore and did not move around much.  I used a large branch to try to get them out into water.  I was concerned they would be more exposed to attack if holding close to the shore.  I wondered if it would have been better to release them earlier in the day to give them time to adjust before dark. It was not too from from sundown. After about 30 minutes, we left. Would this be the last time we would see them?

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