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 Bogeys at Twelve O’clock

I was out skating just finishing up my usual six miles. As I turned onto a street going down a slight hill, two ducks flying beneath the tree line flew over heading toward the golf course. Were they Dennis and Dorothy?  I yelled  “hey guys” —  my usual greeting to them. I turned my head to see them banking at the intersection I had just turned from but lost sight of them.  I skated back up  but could not find them. I returned to my skate. It was a short ways down this little hill to my street. Right after I turned the ducks flew down across my path and landed on the sidewalk.  They did not seem to want to follow me right then. I went home, took off my skates, and went back for the ducks. They were not there. About 15 minutes later, there they were in the back yard.

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  1. AnnaHopn Says:

    I have already seen it somethere…

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