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 Occasional Days at the Spa

Lazy Days

The ducks come back, some times every day sometimes with a couple of days in between. They generally just lounge around. When hungry Dorothy will come by the door and quack for some feed. There’s still some of that $11, 50-lb bag of chicken crumbles left.


The ducks are often showing up later in the day, in the early evening. Just yesterday Mary was outside reading when there the ducks were at her feet. We suspect they landed in the front front and walked around to the back.

Water Antics

From when they were little the ducks occasionally have some definite fun playing in the water. The other day I finally caught the two chasing each other.


When it was getting late in the day, the ducklings would nibble on the ends of one’s pants. Dorothy still does.

Night  Flight

A little after 8:30 pm, the ducks take off. It is so dark that I have to use the nightshot feature on the video camera.  You know the ducks are about ready to take off when they do the head bob. Watch for it.

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