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 Into the night

Dennis and Dorothy showed up this evening around seven while we were out walking the dogs. After some hardy eating at the duck food bowl and lounging in and at the edge of the pond, they decided it was time to head back to the golf course. Notice the head bobs, particularly of Dennis who is in the lead. He turns around twice before taking off at about 8:25 pm. They round the curve low onto Newton Street.

The ducks are typically following this exit routine. We are a wee bit concerned that they fly awfully low as they begin their flight. What if a car is coming?

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One Response to “Into the night”

  1. Tia MacRae Says:

    I was so worried about those eggs! All I kept thinking was “Poor babies…” I remember the commotion that morning as everyone looked horrified (and helpless)staring out the window while the hawk ate the mother. I’m glad you took them. I read every single post just now. Have they been back since?

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