This began from a conversation during Christmas in Southport, NC. Someone mentioned Liz through Heather making a suggestion about a family reunion in Maine this summer. That led to some discussions about family trees and the like. Soon after getting back home Mary and I started discussion summer vacation plans. We usually head off for the Adirondacks. But Maine seemed to be pulling us. Mary put out some feelers for a good time. We settled on a cabin and the ball really got rolling. More emails went out. As time as progressed a lot of people have been included. It has been a hodgepodge as to who is informing whom.  If you are late discovering what is planned, we are sorry in having missed you. Welcome nonetheless.

This site is very fluid. Pages can be added. Pages can be moved, rearranged, expanded, etc. We can do whatever we want with it. Please make suggestions. Any of you can be added as a blogger. Let me know. There is also the sister Facebook site. Each site has its own advantages.

As the idea of having a site such as this was floated among a few a number of names relating Locker to Lobster were made. The McGees suggested Locker Lobster Link-up at the Lake. So it stands.

See you in The Ether or at the lake,

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