Here are the logistics about the summer 2009 Locker Lobster Link-up at the Lake.

Where, What, When

The reunion is in Portland, Maine.  More specifically, perhaps, in Raymond, Maine, which is a lake region just west and a bit north of Portland. It’s an easy distance to the ocean as well as to the mountains of New Hampshire.

The Finnans and Stouts will be staying here:




This is an informal gathering of assorted Lockers, with some Finnans thrown in for excitement. No real agenda has been formulated (at least not yet!).  The site lends itself to lots of boating and hiking opportunities, so if you are into that, no doubt you’ll have plenty of company for such an excursion.

One idea…if you make it up to Maine, bring the oldest memento or family treasure you can find.   If you have a special family dish, bring that too!

As the date nears, maybe there will be more solid plans,…or maybe not!  If you have ideas, add a “comment” on the blog page.


July 24 – July 31, 2010.   Check out the calendar to see who will be showing up when.  To add your name/dates to this list, put a ”comment” on the blog page and we’ll update the calendar very shortly.