Behavioral Objectives

  • Be in classroom and moving towards seat when bell rings. Students who do not take their seat promptly will be assessed an unexcused absence.
  • For an excused tardy, fill in the sheet in the Excused Tardy Notebook. Drop any passes, in assignment hand-in box
  • Remain in seat unless instructed otherwise.
  • Talk in quiet tones.
  • Be respectful of others – no put downs.
  • Bring all materials to class including textbook, chemistry notebook, pencil (preferable) or pen, scientific calculator, planner, and I.D. Card worn around the neck (except during labs.)
  • Passes will be issued for bathroom emergencies only. No pass requests will be honored for the first 10 minutes of class. A student needing to leave prior to that will be assessed an unexcused tardy.
  • No pass requests will be honored for the first and last 10 minutes of class.
  • Follow all lab safety rules.
  • Do not bring food or drinks (including water) into the classroom. Both school and State rules prohibit food and drink in science lab classrooms. Students must dispose of food prior to entering the classroom.
  • Follow the guidelines of the student code of conduct.

Progressive Discipline Plan

Failure to follow the school code of conduct and the preceding behavioral objectives will result in the following actions:

  1. Verbal warning. Student will be given a verbal warning that their behavior is not acceptable.
  2. If student fails to comply with verbal warning or repeats unacceptable behavior during that class period, student will be removed and placed in hallway for remainder of period.
  3. If student fails to heed warning a second time during school year, student is placed in hallway for remainder of period and parent is contacted. Student is required to attend an after-school student-teacher conference which must be arranged by student within two days of incident or process moves to step 4.
  4. Meeting arranged with student, teacher, and parent to discuss behavioral expectations.
  5. If a third incident occurs again student will be placed in hallway and teacher will request a meeting with parent, student, teacher, and administrator. Teacher will request a behavioral contract be written.
  6. Further failures to meet behavioral objectives will result in a request for student’s permanent removal from class.