Virtual Titrator 1.5

This is an advanced applet for calculating and graphing with acids and bases. Some included graphs are : titration curve, alpha plot, and pH vs. acid concentration. The calculations are based off the polynomial derived by the systematic method, an 8th order equation for a hexaprotic acid, and activity calculations use the Davie's equation iterated for accuracy.

* Notes for a first time user of the Virtual Titrator * Follow these instructions for the Virtual Titrator

1.Click on the applet (the box with text that is changing colors). This normally opens two windows (titrator and menu panel).

2.Choose an acid from the menu bar list (top of main window). The acids are split into the number of protons available. To start, try an average monoprotic acid, like Acetic Acid.

3.A default graph of the titration curve will be drawn automatically. Here is the curve for phosphoric acid

4. If this graph took quite a while to make, adjust the graphing speed by clicking on the menu bar, and changing the speed.

5. When selecting a new acid, click on Create New Graph on the Menu Panel

6. Equivelence points and pkas can be shown on the graph under File.

7. Experiment with the other types of graphs

1. Alpha Plot vs. pH
2. Alpha Plot vs. ml base
3. pH vs Acid Concentration
4. pH vs log(Acid Concentration)